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How often should you clean your workplace?

On the surface- this seems like a rather simple question. But once you start digging, you understand that it’s not that easy! Hiring commercial cleaning services is relatively simple, but what to clean and how often- well, figuring that out can be a daunting task!

Post Covid-19 and especially during the spread of strains like “Omicron,” workers worldwide are questioning whether or not to return to their workspaces. Albeit the science behind the necessity of cleaning a workspace and the spread of Covid-19 is somewhat mixed, improved office cleanliness is hard to argue with!

A cleaner office translates to more productivity. People would not fall sick, show up to work regularly, and be more productive. The benefits of a clean office are overwhelming.

So, to answer the daunting question: How often should you get your office cleaned?

Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t have a standard answer that applies to all commercial buildings. Each workspace is different and so are its cleaning needs. But, the frequency of commercial cleaning can be calculated according to a few factors.

What factors? Glad you asked!

This article will highlight some critical factors indicating that you should go for commercial cleaning. But before we do that, look no further than Bash Support Services.

Factors that Signal the Need for Commercial Cleaning

  • The size of your operations

The simplest factor to determine how often you need to opt for commercial cleaning is the size of your operations, including the size of your workforce. The bigger the company, the sooner it needs to be cleaned.

If you’re wondering why, here’s your answer: With a more significant workforce, more dirt will be tracked on the floor and carpets, more utensils will be used, and the trips to the restroom will increase.

  • Your business niche

It’s common knowledge that some businesses require more cleaning than others, depending on the business niche. For instance, if you’re a restaurant or your office space is shared by other companies, you must schedule a regular cleaning.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services in Tampa, look no further than Bash Support Services. We offer the highest quality professional cleaning on a budget.

  • Your budget

You can hire an in-house janitorial service provider if you have the resources. This would give you an advantage as they can take care of the basic cleaning, as and when required.

However, allocating some of your limited resources to hiring an in-house cleaning service might not be viable if you're starting! In such cases, opting for scheduled commercial cleaning is often the best way to go about things.

  • The Cleaning Task

Another critical factor that helps determine the frequency of your commercial cleaning is your regular office tasks. Understand it this way: Some things need to be cleaned daily or regularly, while others can be delayed.

If you know what needs to be cleaned and when, we’d instead suggest you schedule commercial cleaning; there’s ain’t nobody better than Bash Support Services for your commercial cleaning services, Tampa.

Wrapping up

As we have stated, a couple of factors help determine the frequency of commercial cleaning. But besides these, there are several other things that you should consider when thinking about commercial cleaning, including the number of washrooms, kitchens, reception, the flooring area, and more!

We suggest you take the stress off your shoulders by scheduling commercial cleaning services. This would ensure that your office is neat and clean while you can focus on other core areas directly linked to the growth of your business operations.

Until next time.

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